8 Pastors = 8 Heroes Part 4 of 4

In May of 2002 My pastor of 12 years decided to move to the blue grass of Tennessee from the tropical weather in Fort Myers.  His replacement was selected by him and correctly so.

But as he left, another Pastor arrived in Fort Myers, Florida (I still don’t know if they’ve met) from Long Island, New York and though there was and is no doubt that he is God’s man he looks more like a mobster and he’s named like one, Gaspar Anastassi!

I have never met such a single minded individual; he truly believes in the power of God and that unshakable belief has transformed the lives of thousands through Jesus Christ and the centers he has for men recovering from addiction and alcoholism.  I will not tell you his story in the hopes that you visit his Word of Life either in Fort Myers or New York and experience it for yourself.  But, I can tell you what God did for me through him.

On the day after I was diagnosed with cancer; I was depressed and angry wondering why GOD let this happened to me.  After all I never smoked or worked in unhealthy environments and try to avoid any actions associated with cancer.  Earlier I had e mailed Pastor Gaspar Anastassi and told him of my condition knowing that he was in a convention in New York and thinking he would e mail me back by that coming Sunday after he returned.

A few MINUTES later my cell phone rung and the Pastor was calling me.

“Victor I can’t stay on the phone long but I’m calling to tell you that God can heal you” were the first words out of his mouth.

I was floored.  This guy took time out of his schedule to call me asap!

“Make sure that you come to service on Sunday so I can pray with you.”

“Okay” I said and I was in the verge of tears.

That Sunday he prayed for my healing and asked that no one else pray for my healing BUT anyone else could pray thanking God for my healing and he gave me these four instructions 1> Pray everyday 2> Read the Bible everyday 3> Worship everyday and 4> fellowship with this caveat: “I have been in ministry 25 years and this formula has never failed!”

He was right.

During a trip to Israel I told his New York worship leader “I’d go to hell with him and back if he asked me too.”  That still holds true today even though we are separated by distance. 

Of my Pastor and Friend Gaspar Anastass I can only say this: On the day he receives his crown in glory; he’s gong to need help carrying it.

My book Victor Over Cancer is available at http://www.xlibris.com



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